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Thai Bodywork

Thai Massage: Nuad = massage Boran=ancient

Among the oldest of the healing arts, Thai Massage traces its roots to India, where it originated several thousand years ago within the lifestyle system of Ayurveda. Thai Massage works therapeutically to increase the free flow of vital energy throughout the body by bringing greater mobility to the joints, releasing tension in muscles and tendons, and toning the internal organs. The result is a deep sense of rejuvenation and well-being, with an increased capacity for finding joy and feeling compassion in daily living.

To experience a Thai Massage, you wear clothing that covers your arms and legs and allows for ease and freedom in movement, and you lie on a large, comfortable futon on the floor. During a Thai Massage, you will receive a wide variety of techniques that utilize the soles of my feet, palms, thumbs, fingers, knees, forearms, and elbows as I work to gently and deeply mobilize your joints, extend your muscles, manipulate soft tissues, and activate energy lines through the use of acupressure, assisted yoga asana, and the soothing rocking movements that are characteristic of this healing art. At the end of a Thai Massage, your energy will circulate more freely, your limbs be more limber, and your spirit more grounded and light.

I create each session based on your body’s desires and needs, so I ask that you complete an intake form before our first session.

I will be resuming my practice in the winter of 2025 in our new office in downtown Bradford and in my home.  I also offer Swedish-Esalen style table massage with Ayurvedic oils. 

$120 for a 1.5-hour session

$90 for a 1 hour session

A Sliding Fee Scale is Always Readily Available. Please ask. 

Training and Experience

I began my study of Thai Massage with Jonas Westring of the Shantaya Yoga School in 2001 and completed my advanced certification through Shantaya Yoga in 2008. As part of this program, I traveled to Thailand to study with Therdchai Chumphoopong and his family in the winter of 2003, where I experienced how bodywork, herbal treatments, cuisine, and Buddhist loving-kindness are an integrated in the traditional medicine of the culture. I have been in practice since 2008, and feel blessed to be able to share my affection for this beautiful form of massage with my clients.

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