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Anne Bergeron, MA, IMA, E-RYT

My healing work springs from my lifelong love of moving my body and my deep connection to the earth’s cyclical pulsations and rhythms. I teach yoga to people of all ages, practice Thai Bodywork and Swedish-Esalen Massage, and I have completed foundational Ayurvedic studies. I am also a writer who explores the potent intersection of land and culture in the midst of the climate crisis. I live and tend gardens on a 47-acre homestead in a simple off-grid house I built with my husband, Glynn, who practices Traditional Chinese Medicine and teaches Kung Fu. We share our lives with our dogs, sheep, chickens, guinea fowl, and the many wild animals and forests that surround us. I hold two Masters degrees - one in English and one in Eco-Literature. I was awarded a Rowland Foundation fellowship for my to work integrate wellness and inclusion in public school curricula, and a Rowland Encore Grant, with three colleague fellows, to research and develop a curriculum that supports Digital Wellness for Teens.  I love to dance, knit, spin wool, hike, nordic ski, and take photographs.

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