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Ayurveda: Ayur=Life, Veda=Knowledge

Ayurveda is the art of living simply and well.

An ancient health system originating in India, Ayurveda offers pleasurable and practical options for increasing ease, joy, and freedom at any stage of your life. By tuning your natural rhythms to daily, monthly, and seasonal cycles, and by nourishing yourself optimally with delicious Ayurvedic recipes, my hope is that you will find more ease and harmony in your relationship with life. By discovering the imbalances unique to your particular constitution and by understanding how to work with them, the daily practice of living life well becomes a beautiful form of art, with Ayurveda as your guide.

If you are interested in learning more about the ways Ayurveda can be directly and easily applied in your daily life, I offer individual lifestyle consultations and workshops that draw on my foundational studies of this ancient art and adapt them to modern living. My goal is to guide you to live with more energy, pleasure, and engagement as you rise to meet life’s challenges, and to live daily in deeper awareness and in gratitude for how mysteriously and intricately our lives are interwoven with the unending cycles of nature.

By first helping you to identify places in your body, or in your life, where you feel stuck or imbalanced, we can then work together to create small but significant changes that will augment your strengths and open you to receive a freer flow of universal energy. By establishing a daily rhythm that brings you pleasure and ease, by sharing recipes for preparing simple, delicious meals and teas to soothe digestion and increase energy, and by suggesting a yoga and movement practice designed to work with your lifestyle and your unique constitution, we can shift the experience of daily living toward greater wonder and joy.

In the warm weather, I like to meet clients outside on my comfortable, shaded back porch, or in our airy office space on Route 5 in Bradford, Vt. In the meantime, I hold consultations via Zoom.

$35 per one-hour session.

Training and Experience

My studies in foundational Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, include completion of Cate Stillman's year long course, Living Ayurveda, and Anne McIntyre's year-long course  Living Wisdom: The Foundations of Ayurveda, both completed between 2016 and 2019. In tandem with Anne's course, I engaged in monthly small group, in-person study sessions with course co-creator, Gina Mastroluca, an Ayurvedic practitioner in Portland, Maine. I also completed an Ayurvedic massage course with Allison  Bransfield Morse , A.D., of the Ayurvedic Center of Vermont in 2017. I am currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic  mentorship program with Adena Rose Bright. I love sharing how I use simple Ayurvedic practices in my own life to help me flow more easily through the transitions that each season brings. Last winter, I co-led a Winter Wellness Retreat that included an exploration of Ayurveda and taught Ayurvedic Yoga at the Vermont BeTrue Yoga Festival. It is a pleasure to share my understanding of the body’s natural capacity to heal itself through attention, movement, nourishing food, herbs, and rest.

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