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Anne Bergeron, Walks on Beach With Dog, Black and White

My love of each season's cyclical rhythms teaches me that a deep relationship with nature inspires our wellbeing  and helps us cultivate connections and compassion for each other and the earth.

To honor all I have been taught and continue to learn, I offer you—


Thai Bodywork.

Yoga, for people of all ages.

Foundational Ayurvedic education and consultations.

Writings that embody mystery and celebrate beauty in the midst of ecological crisis.


Bergeron & 
Anne Bergeron, Yoga Moves on Beach


I offer yoga in order to share my love of a practice that  promotes flexibility, strength, balance, and joy in the body, mind, and spirit. My Vinyasa Flow classes incorporate clear principles of alignment that allow the body to safely and easily flow through the asanas. My Yin Yoga classes offer a perfect counter-balance to the more yang Vinyasa Flow practice, by promoting a stillness that encourages the nourishing, creative, intuitive, and perceptive parts of ourselves to emerge.

Thai BodyWork

Among the oldest of the healing arts, Thai Massage traces its roots to India, where it originated several thousand years ago within the lifestyle system of Ayurveda.

Lotus in Water, Anne Bergeron
Field of Wild Flowers and Herbs, Anne Bergeron


Ayurveda is the art of living simply and well.

An ancient health system originating in India, Ayurveda offers pleasurable and practical options for increasing ease, joy, and freedom at any stage of your life.


As a writer, I explore the potent intersection of land and culture in the midst of the climate crisis.

Pouring Tea, Black and White, Anne Bergeron 
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